Latin, verb: “They shall pick out”

Excerpent is a tool to quote and share great words written by other people.

1 Drag the bookmarklet link below to your browser’s bookmark toolbar, or click/tap it to reveal code you can copy and paste by hand.
🐍 Excerpentme, me, drag me!

2 Carry on reading all the things.

3 When you find some clever words you want to share, select the text in your browser — up to 1,000 characters (or 500 💩).

4 With the text still selected, click or tap the bookmarklet.

5 Excerpent will publish a page with your quote along with a link back to the original page. You can then share your quote on your favorite social media network. Quotes are “card-enabled”, so up to 200 characters of the quote will show up in a tweet.

Known issues

  • Excerpent doesn’t work in Chrome for Android, because there is no way to keep text selected while opening bookmarklets. If you know how, please share the knowledge.