Privacy policy

Excerpent is a software tool to publish and share quotes of text from other websites. By using Excerpent, you agree to be bound by the terms of service and to review this privacy policy.

When you publish a quote using Excerpent, it will be recorded with a URL unique to that quote. Excerpent does not provide any publicly-accessible index of published quotes. Published quotes include data only about the quoted text and the original source of that quote. Published quotes do not include any data about the person who chose to quote the text.

When you use the Excerpent website or the Excerpent tool, some data about your activity will be recorded on the Excerpent server, including but not limited to: information about your web browser, the IP address, and the date and time of your activities. Such data is strictly anonymous and is only used to maintain and improve the Excerpent service. Such data is never made publicly accessible.

Excerpent itself neither collects nor records nor publishes any data that would personally identify you, with the exception of your IP address and the type of web browser you use, which are recorded in the server logs. The website also uses Google Analytics to record and track visits to the website. The data collected in Google Analytics is not shared with employees of Google or other Google services or third parties, anonymously or otherwise.

The authors of Excerpent will not sell, share, or otherwise disclose any data about any individual person’s use of Excerpent to third parties, except as recorded automatically with Google Analytics for the purpose of tracking website visits, or unless compelled by law. From time to time, the authors may choose to publicly disclose aggregate data about the use of Excerpent for informational purposes only.